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We need volunteers

Actualizado: 17 sept 2018

Volunteers directly contribute to the success of the Iowa Latino Heritage Festival. Whether you’re a student needing volunteer hours, a kind-hearted citizen who enjoys volunteering at events or a corporate neighbor who prides yourself on giving back to the community, we have a role for you!

Our volunteer opportunities include a variety of tasks that require outstanding customer service. We also have behind-the-scenes jobs including children’s activities, entrances, beer tent, set up and take down, exhibit monitors, to name a few! Benefits include free event admission, free parking at the Nationwide parking ramp, and FREE volunteer t-shirt.

SMALL GROUPS OR TEAMS We have several volunteer opportunities for small groups (companies, fraternities/sororities, clubs, church groups, etc.) who would like to work together in a team effort. Please sign up as soon as possible and we’ll try to accommodate your group. We also encourage group volunteers to wear company and/or organization t-shirts.

------> You can sign up through our website: 📷😊

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